Formosa Betrayed

Formosa Betrayed


Inspired by true events, when a Taiwanese-American professor is murdered, FBI agent Jake Kelly (James Van Der Beek) races to track the killers back to Taiwan. Kelly soon finds himself immersed in a dangerous conspiracy as he dodges forces ranging from the U.S. State Department to the Chinese Mafia. A gripping thriller, Formosa Betrayed delivers an unbelievable true story that must be heard.

Year: 2009

Genre: Thriller

Cast: James Van Der Beek, Wendy Crewson, John Heard

Directed By: Adam Kane

Country: USA

Run Time: 103 mins


As a political thriller, Formosa Betrayed has enough suspense and intrigue to pull viewers along willingly. It doesn’t try too hard, which is refreshing.
Boston Globe