Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face


Having rekindled their childhood friendship, Teel and Madison share their lives over the internet as a means of coping with the problems of adolescent life. As their relationship deepens, Teel finds the courage to reveal the hidden cause of the bullying he faces at school. His admission sets off a sequence of events that motivates Madison to expose her own devastating secret in a disturbing cry for help.

Year: 2016

Genre: Drama

Cast: Daniella Bobadilla, Daniel Amerman

Directed By: Matthew Toronto

Country: USA

Run Time: 90 mins


FACE 2 FACE restricts itself to an unwieldy format from the start and then does its best to make it engaging and cinematic for us. It succeeds to a pleasing degree, mainly because the lead characters and their stories have a way of growing on us until we actually care what happens to them next.


Edmonton International Film Festival