Children of the Mountain

Children of the Mountain


After an affair with a neighbor’s spouse, ESSUMAN becomes pregnant with his highly anticipated male child. Through a difficult delivery NUKU is born with a cleft lip prompting his father to reject the baby. Pushed to the point of desperation, will she give into the pressures of her society and abandon her child in favor of a clean slate with a new love interest?

Year: 2016

Genre: Drama

Cast: Bex Gyamfi

Directed By: Priscilla Anany

Country: USA

Run Time: 90 mins


CHILDREN OF THE MOUNTAIN is an emotional story, which occasionally dips into sentimentality, but it is anchored by a strong performance from Masud, who convincingly portrays a woman slowly and painfully developing her own autonomy. With a moving score and beautiful photography, this wise tale is also a personal one for writer/director Priscilla Anany. She drew in part on the life of her aunt and on the writing of a friend whose child was born with Down syndrome.


Tribeca Film Festival
San Diego Film Festival