Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with Sharks


In this underrated black comedy, gullible Guy lands a job as personal assistant to Buddy Ackerman, a repulsive, cutthroat studio exec. Guy is eager to climb the ladder of success, but Buddy stops at nothing to grab credit and foil Guy's plans. What Buddy doesn't know is that the tables are about to turn in a big way.

Year: 1994

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Kevin Spacey, Frank Whaley, Michelle Forbes

Directed By: George Huang

Country: USA

Run Time: 101 mins


This is a bold, enormously enjoyable effort, by turns both hilarious and disturbing. Los Angeles - Swimming With Sharks, the latest Tinseltown dig at Tinseltown, is being advertised as a jokey spoof, but it's something quite different: a dark slice of retribution that recalls Stephen King in his Misery mode.


Toronto International Film Festival
Chicago International Film Festival